Air Components, Inc. COVID-19 Response

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Air Components, Inc. has been taking action to ensure the health and safety of our employees. All Air Components services will remain open and operational at this time. However, the safety and health of our employees and customers remains paramount. We have taken measures to significantly reduce the number of employees working at our office and have instructed many of our employees to work from home. We have taken measures to remain connected and will continue to strive to provide excellent customer service to our customers. We also will contact our customers before arriving onsite to obtain clearance to perform any services. We will make sure our personnel that are sent to our customers will be of good health and have no outward symptoms. Communication will continue to be extremely important, especially over the next few weeks.


Latest Updates

Air Components, Inc., in its efforts to adopt social distancing and other mitigation measures to protect its employees have taken the following actions during the COVID-19 pandemic:

March 13: Enacted Infectious Disease Control Policy. Encouraged proper hygiene etiquette, staying home when ill, limiting travel, telecommuting, and establishing social distancing guidelines.
March 16: Prevented all non-employees from entering buildings. Buildings only accessible via key card.
March 20: Established temporary return to work policy. Employees missing work due to illness must pass health evaluation prior to returning to work. Evaluation includes symptom and temperature check.
March 20: Put into place Employee Self-Reporting form. Required employees to answer three question survey prior to entering workplace/job site.
March 24: EO 2020-21 (Stay Home, Stay Safe Order) into effect. Multi-office employees restricted to one office. Promoted remote work to its fullest extent possible. Divided office personnel into separate units, rotating between office and remote work. Limited personnel to essential employees only. Re-emphasized social distancing rules and proper hygiene. Essential Supplier letters delivered to suppliers.
March 25:
 Established rules separated office and shop personnel to limit potential wide-spread exposure.


Air Components Preparedness And Response Plan

Air Components COVID-19 Preparedness Plan-Updated-11-19-20