Belt Drive 3-30HP Fixed Speed

9-124 CFM

80-217 PSIG

KAESER’s small rotary screw compressors offer many benefits when compared to piston and competitive screw compressors:

  • The duty cycle of our rotary screw compressors allows the compressor to run up to 100% of the time. There is no need to over-size the compressor to allow for cool down.
  • Operating temperatures are at least 100°F cooler than piston units, resulting in longer life.
  • No pistons or rings to wear out.
  • More consistent pressure means you do not waste energy running 30 to 50 psig above your required pressure
  • Standard after cooler removes 80% of moisture
  • Lower oil carry-over (90% less than piston units) contributes to better air quality
  • KAESER screw compressors offer more air per horsepower, reducing energy costs
  • Standard enclosure for a clean, quiet compressed air system that can operate close to the workforce
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