Compressed air applications range from general purpose shop air to breathing air – with a wide range of applications in between. Because the application determines the type of air treatment required, the first step in meeting your air treatment needs is to look closely and specifically at your air quality requirements.

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20-21,250 CFM
Up to 900 PSIG
On average, ambient air contains about 190 million particles of dirt, hydrocarbons, viruses and bacteria per cubic foot. The majority of these contaminants enter the compressor and may still be present in the resulting compressed air. If the air is not properly cleaned, these contaminants can damage pneumatic machinery and air tools, or even wind up in the end product.
Kaeser offers a complete line of filters including: filtered separators, particulate filters, oil removal filters, extra fine oil removal filters and vapor absorbers. Features Include:
  • Multi-layer, matrix-blended fiber media ensures reliable and efficient particle retention
  • Efficient operation even under low use conditions (down to 5% of rated flow capacity)
  • Filter element seals to housing
  • Durable, anti-corrosive housing with epoxy powder coating inside and out
  • Element supported by oil and acid resistant stainless steel orifice tubes
  • Standard differential pressure gauge on most models
  • Internal automatic drains standard up to 780 CFM oil removal filters and 250 CFM moisture separators