Air Compressor Services


Air Components offers multiple services to handle your compressed air needs. The compressed air system service department has over 100 years of combined experience and all technicians are factory trained and certified. Our staff also includes certified welders, pipe fitters, licensed electricians, and licensed refrigeration technicians.

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Air Compressor & System Service

How can we help prevent and minimize your downtime?

Our service department covers the majority of Michigan including Holland, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Saginaw, and Cadillac, to all the way up in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.). We also stock over $600,000 worth of Kaeser parts in our facility right here in Grand Rapids. Coupled with Kaesers 24hr Parts Guarantee, you can be assured we will have what it takes to minimize your downtime and keep you running.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Airend Rebuilds and Replacements

Air System Audits

Clean Air Treatment - Maintenance and Repair

Compressed Air Energy Management Installations

Condensate Management

Cooler Cleaning

Desiccant Dryers


Fluid System Service

Leak Detection

Oil Analysis

Preventative Maintenance

Refrigerated Dryers


Looking for compressed air equipment parts? We can help. We are a premier distributor of Kaeser air compressors and compressed air equipment.  We have a vast inventory of Kaeser OEM parts onsite and also order from Kaeser directly on a daily basis.  Combined with our 24/7 service department, we have the capability to react efficiently and effectively to our customer requirements.

Not using a Kaeser air compressor?  Air Components can help you find parts for most other compressor brands.


Need your system installed? We can help!
Our expert installers can assist in installing your Compressed Air Equipment. Depending on your needs or requirements we can utilize a wide variety of piping systems. A properly installed system can make the difference between having enough air or not enough air. Give us a call, we would be happy to give you a free quote to install or re-work your compressed air equipment.



Smartpipe +

SmartPipe aluminum piping system is available in sizes up to 8″ diameter
Kaeser’s SmartPipe is a modular aluminum pipe for compressed air installations, offering both lower installation costs and lower long-term operating costs. From small shops to large industrial systems, SmartPipe is great for all facilities and is available in sizes up to 8″ pipe diameter.

SmartPipe is easy to install
Fast to install and easy to modify, Kaeser SmartPipe is the most versatile compressed air distribution system available. Our combination of lightweight materials and connectors dramatically reduce labor and installation time, especially in overhead installations.

Optimum flow and air quality

SmartPipe’s smooth calibrated aluminum construction has a low friction coefficient, providing the best possible laminar flow. Full bore fittings further minimize pressure drop for optimum flow and energy efficiency. Leak-free connectors prevent air loss and wasted energy.

SmartPipe is ideal for installations requiring the highest quality air. Aluminum material will not rust or corrode. Further, it has no rough surfaces or interior restrictions that accumulate contaminants. The smooth interior with full bore design allows them to flow to your dryers and filters for efficient removal

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Fabricated Skids

Our capabilities include fabricating complete system skid packages. With certified welders and pipe fitters on staff, we can customize a skid package to your requirements. These packages come turn-key with air compressors, dryers, filtration, tanks and are fully piped and hooked up electrically. The only thing left to do is hook up your building utilities. 

Air Audit/Analysis

How much air do you need? How efficient is your system running? These are questions we can help you answer. Using our air system auditing equipment combined with a third party engineering firm, we can provide you with the most accurate and professional assessment of your air system. 


Design Services

Have any specific needs that must be met for your compressed air equipment?  We can work with you and customize exactly what you need.  For a quote or further information please feel free to give us a call.